Development on the Shop Rural Marketplace began in mid 2019 in response to the lack of available and affordable commercial land that is often a challenge in remote and rural areas.

Despite the many great businesses and services available in these regions, there remained a disconnect between customers and businesses due to inefficiencies with existing platforms. The Shop Rural Marketplace supports outback enconomies by connecting businesses with customers both in their local areas and nationwide.

As a remote based business ourselves, we understand the unique challenges and aim to constantly improve our services to be most beneficial to our customers and vendors. The Shop Rural Marketplace has been created to provide an alternative platform for legitimate businesses, artists, and distributor who wish to steer away from buy, sell, and swap platforms and a looking for an efficient yet affordable platform that is created specifically to cater to their needs.

  • Easy to use platform for vendors and customers
  • Low fees and commissions
  • Packed full of features and support that make running your business that much smoother
  • On-going research to support economic development and small businesses in outback Australia
  • Vendor ledger to keep track of inventory, sales, and taxes.
  • Low fees and commissions
  • Variety of product types including; physical, digital, bookings, appointments, and listings.
  • On-going research to support economic development and small businesses in outback Australia
  • Up to 100 products can be listed free of charge
  • Supported marketing and advertising opportunities for your businesses
  • A support network bringing the community back into small business

Accepted vendor types:

  • Online stores
  • Party and wedding hire services and equipment
  • Hairdresser, beauty, and makeup stylists
  • Artists and photographers
  • Local and online services (graphic design, dog-walking, cleaning, etc.)
  • Local maintenance and handyman services
  • And many more! If you are unsure whether your business falls within our accepted categories then please feel free to contact us at

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