What is the Shop Rural Marketplace?

The Shop Rural Marketplace is a Business to Consumer e-commerce site that enables shops, artists, services, and other businesses to list and sell their products online. We are a multi-vendor platform that connects customers with individual businesses, artists, and services based in remote and rural regions.

Do I need to sign up to purchase?

No, it is not required however it is highly recommended that you create an account before purchasing or using the website.

Does it cost anything to open an account?

Both customer and vendor accounts are free to open and we offer competitive fee options to suit any business. We do not charge for the first 15 products listed on Shop Rural. You can purchase new product listings for $0.20 per listing or upgrade your account to access premium features and unlimited listings for $10 a month. A third-party transaction fee of 2.5% is charged to cover the cost of the Stripe transaction services. Commissions are charged at 3% per product sold. Advertising opportunities are available to feature your products and can cater to any budget. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the vendor and are set individually. Payment processing fees (withdrawal fees) are not applicable and we do not charge you a fee for shipping or any other costs associated with running your business. As a remote based business ourselves, Shop Rural Marketplace aims to offer a competitive pricing strategy that can best support small businesses in outback Australia.

Are there opportunities for partnerships or advertising?

Yes, you can advertise your products starting from $5 per product. Other advertising opportunities are also available and please contact us at support@marche.com.au for more information.

What type of products can be sold?

Both physical and digital products can be purchased online as well product hire, appointments, and bookings.

How do I create an account?

Please click on the vendor registration link and follow the prompts.

Conflict resolution

Please note, the Shop Rural Marketplace is simply a platform that connects customers with individual businesses. As such, we do not inspect, store, distribute, or sell products directly. We therefore cannot guarantee the quality, safety, or legality of products listed on our website. If you have identified a misleading, fraudulent, dangerous, innappropriate, or illegal product on Shop Rural Marketplace please inform us at support@marche.com.au and the appropriate actions will be taken immediately. In most cases, conflict resolution must be undertaken directly between the concerned parties and in compliance with the relevant laws. If you have a concern or complaint then please contact us for further information or support.

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